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The growing popularity of available soft tissue fillers and techniques has widened the scope of what can be achieved by creating volume and shape of the body. AQUAfilling® is a volumizing filler which has been specifically developed for minimally invasive volume enhancement, including facial contouring and breast augmentation. It is well tolerated, with predictable long-lasting results. As patients continue to opt for nonsurgical procedures, the development of minimally invasive products is greatly welcomed.

AQUAfilling® is a hydrophilic biodegradable gel which is biocompatible.

AQUAfilling® provides a non-invasive and non-surgical way to make human tissues look more attractive and natural.
AQUAfilling® is a hydrophilic gel, which acts as a depot for normal physiologic 0,9 % sodium chloride solution, locked in the matrix of a three-dimensional spatial permolecular structure of synthetic linear polyamide. Thanks to its positive charge the gel attracts soluble, negatively charged molecules of the extra-cell matrix - collagen and elastin, thus provides long-lasting elasticity and strength of the skin.


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AQUAfilling® products and manufacturing process made by requirements of conformity by standards CE (European Union Conformity Standards), standards Korean GMP (Good Manufacturing Process), standards ISO 13485: 2012. These are the highest corresponding International Harmonized Standards.

In other words, AQUAfilling® products are backed by trusted industry leading manufacturing process as well as conformity with EU and South Korea for verifiable, safe and harmonized standards.

AQUAfilling® is manufactured under the strictest sterilization and control methods deemed necessary by EU and KFDA governing bodies. Strict adherence to sterilization, packaging, and safety tests of product before release is conducted by independent labs and manufacturer appointed personnel.





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